Treat Tip #0002 Chocolate Chip ‘Sour Cream’ Containers

Chocolate chip cookies are always a fun treat. I am making 20 little treat packages for the children of the women at Ottawa’s Interval House women’s shelter.

I started with a 9-1/2″x6″ piece of paper. I was happy that I can make 2 packages for one piece of 12″x12″ paper. I applied 2-sided tape along the 6″ side and about 5″ tape along one end of one 9-1/2″ edge and about 5″ of tape in the middle of the other 9-1/2″ edge.

To make it easier to form a cylinder, I found a round bottle of the correct diameter. In this case, one of my water bottles was perfect. You could easily wrap newspaper around an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll if you can’t find something to wrap your paper around. I peeled off the paper and formed a cylinder. Don’t make it too snug or it will be hard to slide the paper off your bottle/jar.

Once the cylinder was formed, it’s time to lift off the paper from one strip of tape to press together one end of the cylinder.

Then you pop your treat into the pouch, adjust the treat and paper at the unsealed edge so that you can close it at a 90 degree angle to the bottom closed edge. Now you can strip off the paper from the tape at the other end and press together.

And you have a closed package, ready to put a label with sentiment on. Create your labels using whatever ore-cut tags or labels that you have on hand, or punch or die-cut some if you happen to have those tools on hand. Below is a photo of the tools and stamps I used.

Make just one, or make many. Adjust the width and height of the paper to fit whatever treat you would like to package.

Create. Treat. Repeat.

Happy treating!

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