Creative Treats Club (CTC) is a social enterprise for those who like to gather together to create, paper craft, bake and treat others. CTC is based in Ottawa, founded by Brenda Wilson and is all about creativity, connection and community.

Explore the fun ways in which you can create and connect and support our community.

We offer online and in-person workshops and courses. Proceeds from classes are used to support Ottawa-area non-profit and charity partners such as the food bank at Debra Dynes Family House (DDFH) and The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County (The Dementia Society).

Learn how to make truffles, creative packaging and greeting cards.

We create and fills Treat Boxes (hand-made packaging holding small gifts, home-baked treats such as truffles) to donate to DDFH. These are distributed to people in need within the community through the DDFH food bank and community outreach programs.

Help make truffles, other home-baked treats and hand-made gifts as well as make the creative packaging to hold those treats and gifts.

We create card and craft kits for The Dementia Society. These card and craft kits are provided free of charge to individuals living with dementia and their caregivers as part of the Creative Cards and Crafts (CCC) program.  We lead in-person and online classes to guide CCC participants in real-time as they make their card and crafting projects. We create videos and project handouts so CCC participants can make their card and craft projects by themselves when they are not able to attend scheduled in-person or online classes.

Help make card and craft kits.

We sell things to raise funds for non-profit and charity partners. Limited quantities of greeting cards, Treat Boxes containing home-baked treats or hand-made gifts as well as card and craft kits are available for sale, all proceeds of which are donated to DDFH, The Dementia Society and other local partners.

Purchase greeting cards, Treat Boxes or card and craft kits.