Products and Services

Creative Treats offers a full range of services and products, all of which directly support non-profit and charitable organizations within our Ottawa community. Keep in touch with your family and friends. Get in touch with your own creativity. Share unexpected treats. Contact Brenda if you have any questions.

Creative Cards and Treat Boxes

Pre-made Greeting Cards and Treat Boxes

Are you keen to brighten someone’s day? Do you prefer to buy rather than make your greeting cards and treat boxes? Do you want to give someone a gift to a crafty friend? An ever-changing selection of Creative Greeting Card, Treat Boxes as well as Card and Craft kits are available to purchase. Please contact Brenda to find out what she has in stock now. Brenda may be able to customize products to suit your needs.

Creative Fundraising Support

Creative Fundraising Support

Do you have a charity or non-profit that you like to support? Are you looking for some creative ideas to raise funds? Creative Treats Club is happy to support you by providing Creative Fundraising Support such as donating creatively-packaged, delicious home-baked treats and/or creative packaging for pre-packaged treats for you to sell at your fundraising events. Contact Brenda for more information.

Online Bake Sales

Creative Fundraising Support and Bake Sales

Creatively-packaged, delicious, home-baked treats are occasionally available to purchase through online Creative Bake Sales. Contact Brenda if you’d like to purchase some homemade treats. She’s happy to customize the treats and packaging to best suit your needs.

Creative Community Crafting

Creative Community Crafting

Willing to creatively volunteer your time? Creative Community Crafting Workshops are offered free of charge. Supplies and tools are provided (or use your own) to help create Card and Craft kits, prepare hand-made treats and/or, assemble Treat Box packaging, Please contact Brenda for more information.

Creative Workshops

Greeting Card and Treat Box Making Workshops

Looking to add a bit of creativity into your life? A Creative Treats Workshop is just what need. Interactive online and/or in-person workshops offer truffle-making, themed greeting card as well as treat box instruction with supporting handouts and videos. Some workshops (webinars and Masterclasses) are also available free of charge. Contact Brenda, look at the schedule of upcoming events, or see the events directly in Eventbrite. Brenda also collaborates with charitable and non-profit partners to offer workshops with proceeds going to the partner organization. Please contact Brenda if you’d like to partner together to offer one or more workshops.

Creative Project Kits

Greeting Cards and Treat Boxes Project Kits

Looking for just the right paper crafting supplies to make your own themed greeting card and treat boxes as featured in Creative Treats videos and workshops and projects? Creative Cards and Craft Kits can be purchased by contacting Brenda.

Let’s creatively treat together.