Treats #0003 – One Piece Coffee Crisp Box – Scoring

Below are the scoring instructions for these one-piece boxes. I shift the card stock slightly when scoring to allow the top to be just a bit larger than the bottom. I find that the great fit is worth the extra effort to figure out (and follow) the slightly more complicated scoring directions.

Once the scoring is done, I cut, trim and slightly wedge the flaps and tabs.

Then I apply two-sided tape. You will notice there is only one row of tape when a flap is simply folded over. The edges with a second row of tape are where tabs are adhered before the flap is folded over.

Then I fold and score. Next up is the assembly. I first adhere the sections that don’t have any tabs to tuck under. When there are tabs to tuck, I align/square the side tabs and adhere them to the tape then I fold over the flap.

I plan to make better written instructions as well as a video in the future. In the meantime, if you have any questions, let me know in a comment on this post, via email or DM me on Instagram.

Create. Treat. Repeat.

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